While setting up GeoDNS for parts of the debian.org zone, we set up a new subzone security.geo.debian.org. This was mainly due to the fact we didn't want to mess up the existing zone while experimenting with GeoDNS.

Now that our GeoDNS setup has been working for more than half a year without any problems, we will drop this zone.

We will do that in two phases.

Phase 1

Beginning on July 1st, we will redirect all requests to security.geo.debian.org to a static webpage indicating that this subzone is deprecated and should not be used any more. If you still have security.geo.debian.org in your apt sources.list, updates will fail.

Phase 2

On August 1st, we will stop serving the subzone security.geo.debian.org from our DNS servers.


In case you use a security.geo.debian.org entry in your /etc/apt/sources.list, now is the best time to change that entry to security.debian.org. Both zones currently serve the same content.