Debian OID hierarchy


For a number of protocols it is necessary to have an IANA enterprise number. This document describes how the enterprise number assigned to Debian is used, and how to request assignments with the Debian enterprise space.


Debian has been assigned private enterprise number 9586 by IANA. (The full list of assignments is available at <>.) This number is used as the base for a hierarchy in the OID space for SNMP and X.500/LDAP as well as for other protocols such as RADIUS.

Requesting enterprise space

Packages and projects may request an entry in the Debian enterprise space by contacting debian-admin. An application has to have the following information:

OID Assignments

The root of the OID space is or

As of March 2009 this wiki page at is the authoritative source of Debian OID information.

enterprise.Debian /

The root of the Debian OID space.

The contact for this section is: Debian-Admin (debian-admin@ldo).

OID Name Description
1 package Debian internal use
100 project projects used outside of Debian as well

enterprise.Debian.package /

Used for packages and projects that are Debian specific and will not be used on non-Debian systems.

The contact for this section is: Debian-Admin (debian-admin@ldo).

OID Name Contact Description
1 sourceforge Roland Mas <lolando> LDAP entries for the SourceForge Integrated development project framework
2 debconf Joey Hess <joeyh> LDAP DebConf backend
3 sos John Lines <jlines> Small Organisation Server

enterprise.Debian.project /

Used for projects that are not Debian specific.

The contact for this section is: Debian-Admin (debian-admin@ldo).

OID Name Contact Description
1 LVM Russell Coker <> SNMP information for the Logical Volume Manager
2 ScaleMail Tommi Virtanen <tv> LDAP for the Scalemail virtual mail domain system
3 gforge Roland Mas <lolando> LDAP entries for the GForge development project framework
4 userdir debian-admin Debian user directory
5 keepalived Vincent Bernat <bernat> keepalived, a free VRRP implementation and load balancer
6 tor Peter Palfrader <weasel> Tor Project
7 Dominator Richard Gooch <> System Domination: Config Management and Image Deployment
8 postfix-ldap John Lines <jlines> LDAP schema for Postfix