Upgrade from squeeze to wheezy

Make sure to coordinate with whoever uses the host, be it the buildd operator, the QA team, the ftp team or just announce it if it's a general developer box.

on buildds:

cd ~buildd
sudo su - buildd

now wait for the buildd to quit

upgrade stuff:


sed -i "s#squeeze#wheezy#g" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/security.list &&
dpkg --clear-avail &&
rm -f /etc/apt/preferences.d/dsa-bacula-client &&
if [ -e /etc/apt/sources.list.d/buildd.debian.org.list ]; then
    rm -f /etc/apt/preferences.d/buildd &&
    sed -i "s#squeeze#wheezy#g" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/buildd.debian.org.list
fi &&
apt-get update &&
apt-get install dpkg apt samhain &&
service samhain stop &&
apt-get dist-upgrade &&
rm /var/state/samhain/samhain_file &&
samhain --foreground -t init -p none -s none -l none -m none &&
(puppet agent -t || true) &&
apt-get dist-upgrade &&
c_rehash /etc/ssl/debian/certs &&
c_rehash /etc/exim4/ssl &&
apt-get --purge autoremove &&
while [ "$(deborphan -n | wc -l)" -gt 0 ] ; do apt-get purge $(deborphan -n); done &&
apt-get purge liblzma2 lzma &&
dpkg --clear-avail &&
apt-get clean

if /etc/apache2/apache2.conf was not changed, remove the include for httpd.conf.

purge removed packages

dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2=="deinstall" {print $1}' &&
echo "really purge these [y/N]?" && read ans && [ "$ans" = "y" ] && dpkg --purge `dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2=="deinstall" {print $1}'` &&
echo "These are not at install:" && dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2!="install" {print $1}'

more clean ups:

apt-get purge arrayprobe
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/dsa-check-packages | tr -d ,
apt-get --purge autoremove

maybe apt-get install firmware-linux

update dsa-nagios.git (add host to wheezy hostgroup)


verify ipv6 routing still works.

re-init samhain

samhain --foreground -t update -p none -s none -l none -m none