static mirroring

The static mirroring system mirrors components, i.e. directory trees from their individual source hosts via static-master hosts to the static-mirrors.

The static-master can be configured per source. The mirrors are the same set for all components.

Adding a new static component

Using already configured source and master hosts.

	# <master>              <service>                       <source host>                   <directory>                             <extra push hosts, comma separated>                   /srv/
	/usr/sbin/visudo -f dsa-puppet/modules/sudo/files/sudoer

and add something like

	lucas           dillon=(staticsync)             NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/static-update-component
	vi dsa-puppet/modules/roles/templates/static-mirroring/vhost/static-vhosts-simple.erb

Adding a mirror

Note: This might temporarily break apache on the new mirror host.