Exim Mail PKI Infrastructure


handel:/srv/puppet/ca has a Makefile and a set of scripts that gets run nightly (or @daily in cron speak). These scripts regenerate any expiring certs, remove any certs for machines that have gone away, update the crl, and build certs for new machines.

There is also a facility for building 'client certs' - these are meant for things like handing out user certs for mail relay if we ever decide we want such a feature. Since I wasn't convinced we did, I left the list empty but included the facility.

Adding a new host

Add the machine to ud-ldap as usual, and wait for ud-replicate to update the list of debianhosts (or force it - up to you). Then run

sudo -u puppet make -C /srv/puppet.debian.org/ca install

This will create and install the cert into the correct puppet directory for puppet to serve the files out to the new machine.


This is meant to be a completely automated system, which means very little auditing of it happens. Do not use certs from this CA for anything more important than mail relaying.