Add a guest account to ud-ldap

Check that the new user is a Debian contributor and the request is reasonable.

Save the signed request to a file and the signed DMUP agreement to another file.

Setup the script that automates the addition of guest accounts:

	git clone
	ln -s ~/path/to/dsa-misc/scripts/add-guest ~/bin/dsa-add-guest

Make sure you have jetring installed.

For a guest account based on DM or NM status:

	dsa-add-guest ~/dsa/debian-keyrings ~/dsa/guest-keyring ~/path/to/mail ~/path/to/dmup dm <fingerprint>
	dsa-add-guest ~/dsa/debian-keyrings ~/dsa/guest-keyring ~/path/to/mail ~/path/to/dmup nm <fingerprint>

For a guest account based on a sponsor:

	dsa-add-guest ~/dsa/debian-keyrings ~/dsa/guest-keyring ~/path/to/mail ~/path/to/dmup sponsor <fingerprint>

At the git commit prompt enter something like this:

	Add Jane Doe (RT#1234)

At the final account entry prompt:

Then close the RT ticket.