Hardware Wishlist


A service by ftpmaster to host larger arch-all packages for datasets like scientific databases (e.g. RCSB PDB, a database of protein structures) or datasets for games.

This service could (and probably should) share hardware with snapshot.



These proposals probably are no longer relevant:


Idea: A machine which has all sources extracted from orig.tar.gz + diff applied for all dists.



new debian mail setup

A set of systems that will handle all incoming mail for all debian systems. Currently our incoming mail handling is on the individual host hosting a service, i.e. on master.debian.org for @debian.org, on bugs.debian.org for the bug tracking system, on lists.debian.org for our mailinglists and on several other systems for their individual, smaller email traffic.

Centralizing email handling will allow us to maintain our anti-spam measures in a single point, avoiding duplicate work and hopefully improving our success.



We probably have sufficient hardware for this. Current plan involves using one new box from HP, murphy, a new old sparc that zobel gets from some place, and puccini that will soon no longer have packages on it.

Status (2009-05-02):

We probably still eventually want to move to a more cenralized setup for all the low-traffic leaf-sites, but momentum on the Big Mail Setup Change seems to have pretty much died. Since Stephen put quite a lot of work into making our exim setup more readable, maintainable and we are using the same config now everywhere, at least some of the reasons for this proposal are no longer valid. It still might make sense to eventually move @debian.org mail from master to a new system but we don't need 4 dedicated hosts for that, probably. (weasel)

new bugs.d.o

Currently bugs runs on a single DL385g1 system which cannot keep up with the load that the BTS causes.

Owner@bugs would like to split the BTS accross multiple hosts: two for incoming email and spam filtering (would not be required if we had the setup mentioned above), one master, and at least two user-facing web servers.

Requirements (assuming the above mentioned mail system is in place, else add two mail servers):


If the snapshot hosts go through we might be able to put the bugs front end webservers on them too. Probably a question of load but it can't hardly be worse than rietz at the moment.

Status (2009-05-04):

We were quite successful in using other hosts as bugs web mirrors (even if right now we aren't running any due to other hardware failing), so that is a more or less solved problem. We also intent to move bugs-master to a kvm domain at ubc/ece once the blade there is fixed. And we can probably move incoming MX to a blade instance in darmstadt and another one at the same place as new bugs-master will be if the bugs folks still want that.

new ftp-master

ftp-master's hardware is becoming old and warranty is running out (we keep extending it, but that's not for free either).

We probably should look into getting a new machine somewhere in the US. Apart from recent CPUs, reasonable amount of ram (16-32g?) and the usual management fu primary requirement is reliable storage. We probably should look at some raid6, either internal or external for the master copy of the archive in the range of 2-4T (is that right, ftp folks?). Additionally some faster internal storage could be useful for the database part of the ftp archive (4 disks raid10?).

Status (2010-05-20):

HP DL380 G6 machine in place at CS Dept. Brown University. In setup