Facilities offered to teams with dedicated debian.org subdomains

Various teams have dedicated subdomains below debian.org (e.g release.debian.org, qa.debian.org, etc.). Associated to it, there's usually a website and e-mail addresses. The corresponding files are always in /srv/foo.debian.org/ on the host allocated to the service by the DSA team.


The Apache virtual host configuration usually resides in /srv/foo.debian.org/apache.conf. After having changed the configuration, you should be able to reload apache with sudo /usr/sbin/apache2-vhost-update (provided that you have correctly configured a sudo password for the corresponding host).

Virtual Domain Mail Settings

The configuration of the mail service usually resides in /srv/foo.debian.org/mail/.

The following files enable you to create various email addresses:

There are also various files that can be used to control the antispam measures of each email address:

You can find examples of the last two files on any debian.org system in /var/lib/misc/thishost as mail-rbl and mail-rhsbl.