Facilities offered to teams with dedicated debian.org subdomains

Various teams have dedicated subdomains below debian.org (e.g release.debian.org, qa.debian.org, etc.). Associated to it, there's usually a website and e-mail addresses. The corresponding files are always in /srv/foo.debian.org/ on the host allocated to the service by the DSA team.


The Apache virtual host configuration usually resides in /srv/foo.debian.org/apache.conf. After having changed the configuration, you should be able to reload apache with sudo /usr/sbin/apache2-vhost-update (provided that you have correctly configured a sudo password for the corresponding host).

Virtual Domain Mail Settings

The configuration of the mail service usually resides in /srv/foo.debian.org/mail/.

If the service does not need to process mail directly, but simply forward it onto other addresses, the mail configuration may instead be managed directly on the incoming mail relays, via the email-virtualdomains repository. In such cases, .forward files may not be used.

The following files enable you to create various email addresses:

There are also various files that can be used to control the antispam measures of each email address:

You can find examples of the last two files on any debian.org system in /var/lib/misc/thishost as mail-rbl and mail-rhsbl.