Guest Access to porter machines

People who are not DDs but are working on software in Debian can request access to porter machines for a short term (1-2 months) in order to resolve port issues and the like.

The final decision about account creation remains with DSA.


DMs (i.e. people who have their key in the debian-maintainers keyring) or people already in the NM process can apply for a guest account through the New Members site.

The following information is required to complete your request:

Other information will be collected during the process.

A member of frontdesk will verify the information for correctness, and create a ticket in RT (signed by the frontdesk member) asking DSA to add the new account to LDAP.


People who are not yet DMs or NMs will need to find a DD who is willing to sponsor their request. People requesting access should already have a track record of working on Debian for some time.

The guest applicant should supply several details (listed below) to this DD, and the DD will sign this (clear signed, not PGP mime) and open a ticket in RT (mail to admin@rt.d.o, put 'Debian RT' somewhere in the subject - see wiki.d.o for more info).

This signing and resending is a sponsorship by the DD that the guest account should be granted access to Debian resources, and should be regarded as such.

Information guest needs to supply to sponsoring DD

Information sponsoring DD needs to supply to DSA


Expired Accounts

Once an account has expired the user will no longer be able to log into debian machines. If access is required again, creating a ticket in RT should suffice to get it re-activated.

The request should be sent by the end-user, clear-signed and clearly indicate the uid of their guest account (ideally in the subject).

Access to other hosts

Similarly, should access to other hosts become necessary a ticket in RT can be opened. It must be clear-signed by the guest's key and clearly indicate the uid of their guest account (ideally in the subject).